FCSII Kolohe vs Mayhem

Kolohe FCS 2 vs. Mayhem FCS 2

(I used Larges for the example but the Mediums are the same just scaled down. I do give some specs for the Larges as well as the Mediums at the end)

Ok first check out the Kolohe large in the blue. Now if you watch the way Kolohe Andino surfs, he is airs and carves.  So there is a reason why his template is different from the Mayhem. The KA has a longer running base for more Drive and it has slightly more rake. Those things combined equal drive and a slightly more open carve.



Now check out the Mayhem large which is in red. 

The Mayhem template is one of my favorites. It has a pretty long running base for drive and it is pretty straight up and down in rake. So the theory with this type of template is you have drive with pivot….The Best of Both Worlds.




Ok, now lets see them overlapping.


So you can really see the differences in the templates. 

So what does all this mean? The idea is you use the difference in the templates towards more of a personal preference and/or a better means of application to the board type or wave type. If you have a style that is not as pivot oriented and you like lots of drive then the Kolohe could be a good fit on your Lost board. Perhaps for the beach breaks or smaller tighter waves you should surf the Mayhems for tighter radius turns. Then, when you are on a point break or you are on bigger waves you switch to the KA. Or,  maybe you have a Lost model that has a lower rocker.The Mayhems will be better because it'll give you more pivot. Conversely, if you have a model that has a lot of rocker then the KA will leverage that curve better and maintain the drive.


So it's a good idea to be aware of these slight nuances that are in the differences between the templates and use them to your advantage and to further dial in your ride!


Here are some specs:


KA Large base - 4.67"

Mayhem Large base - 4.41"


KA Large Sweep - 35.1 degree

Mayhem Large Sweep - 31.9 degree


KA Medium Base - 4.53"

Mayhem Medium Base - 4.30"


KA Medium Sweep -35.1 degree

Mayhem Medium Sweep - 31.9 degree


Hope you found this interesting and helpful!


-The Fin Guru