Problem 1: Wondering if you have the most optimum fin for the board you are riding.
Problem 2: Want to purchase a set of upgrade fins but don't want to make a $100.00 mistake.
Problem 3: Already using a fin you like but wondering if it will perform better in a different format etc,etc......

Solution: USEDSURF Fin Demo Program (limited to our brick and mortar location in San Clemente). We have almost every fin Futures and Fcs make so that you can try before you buy! We also have fins from Captain, True Ames, NVS, and Endorphin. $5.00 gets you 5 slots so you can try 5 different sets of fins to see which one you like the most in your board. Once you decide which fin to buy we take the $5.00 off the price of the fins you're purchasing. You cant lose!

What you need- All you need is a valid drivers license or passport, a credit or debit card, and to come in and fill out our form with your information. Pick your 1st set of fins and your outta there.

Program details- You get 5 opportunities to try one set at a time, for up to a week at a time. We also have a 5 FIN SET program and another program where you can try 2 sets of fins at a time. Come on in and try it out!!!

USEDSURF ... 216 Calle de Los Molinos #A - San Clemente, CA 92672