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Shift Surfboards are made right here in San Clemente with First Quality Materials
Pulling from DNA of past and present successful shapes these boards are designed for maximum cheat all the while rooted in incorporating performance into each model!

Red Pill

   Don't be fooled by the wide nose'd outline... this board is not that flat.  The Red Pill has medium nose rocker with a decent amount of tail rocker. An awesome blend of Performance with Cheat. The bottom starts off with a single concave into a nice double with a little bit of Vee behind the back fin. Nice curvy "double ender" outline with the wide point a little behind center. Loves to be quad but also rides great as a thruster. If you like Hybrids and Alternative Shapes, but want some performance, this one is for you!


Stock Dims

Height    Width    Thickness    Volumn   
 6'2"  21.25"  2.75"   
 6'4"  21.38"   2.81"   
 6'6"  21.5"  2.875"   
 6'8"  21.75"  3"  
 7'0"  22.0"  3"  

Skull Fish

     Tried and True fish rocker with a low/med nose rocker with a "skatey" mid section under the front foot for built in speed. The tail has a slight double to slight V out the tail. Wide tail block with 5.50" inch deep swallow tail for good pivot and bite. This Model comes with a Specially designed tapered stringer to increase flex back in the tail which will help maintain speed but give that little extra arc when you push your turns. The Quad set up allows the water to move freely through the fins providing speed and drive all the while turning nice arcs. NOW AVAILABLE IN TWIN FIN AS WELL.

Stock Dims

Height    Width    Thickness    Volumn   
 6'0"  21"  2.75"  
 6'2"  21.25"  2.75"  
 6'4"  21.5"  2.75"  
 6'6"  21.75"  2.875"  
 6'8"  21.87"  2.93"  
 6'10"  22"  3"  
 7'0"  22"  3"  
 7'2"  22.25"  3.06"  

Spin Drift

     Low entry rocker for easy wave catching and a fair amount of tail kick for good maneuverability. A single concave to a double concave with slight V out the tail gives lift for speed and back foot sensitivity. The Spindrift outline has a forgiving nose with just the right amount of width for paddle power but not too wide helping reduce swing weight and increasing quickness of maneuverability.


 Stock Dims
Height    Width    Thickness    Volumn   
6'10" 21" 2.63"  
7'0" 21.25" 2.75"  
7'2" 21.5" 2.75"  
7'4" 21.63" 2.81"  
7'6" 21.75" 2.875"  
7'8" 21.88" 2.94"  
7'10" 22" 3"  
8'0" 22" 3"  
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(customs with dimension changes different than what is listed above are possible but will incur a 30.00 additional charge)