Cherry Bomb Surfboards is a surfboard project born right here in San Clemente and is only available at Usedsurf. These Alternative designs, with high performance DNA, are everything you could ever ask for in a board for So Cal waves and beyond!

1st Quality Millennium Blanks
Glassed here in Southern California
These Models are designed to fill the gap in your quiver and bring the fun!



  Think of all the fun of a twin, with all the benefits of modern performance… a kind of re-do of the MR style performance fish. This Twin+Stabilizer model has a  fairly low nose rocker and a single concave that goes into a double concave off the tail. This bottom coupled with a low but curvy tail rocker, provides lift and pivot. It has a thinner rail foil, which allows the rail to penetrate the water, giving plenty of hold, countering the usual loose “squirrelly” feel associated with older corky rail twin fins. A small wing behind the front fins creates a “break” in the outline which enhances response off the tail, and at the same time reduces the surface area on the last part of the tail giving it more “bite” for performance and hold. All in all, the Fiend is a fast, speed generating, turn on a dime, modern version of the twin fin.

It can make a great addition to a quiver as a go to for less than ideal conditions or... makes for a great everyday'r if you like hybrid boards instead of a shortboard.


Stock Dims

Height    Width    Thickness    Volumn   
5'5" 19.25" 2.25" 26.9 cL
5'6" 19.5" 2.29" 28.2 cL
5'7" 19.63" 2.29" 28.8 cL
5'8" 19.75" 2.32" 29.6 cL
5'10" 20" 2.32" 31 cL
5'10" 20" 2.38" 32 cL
5'11" 20.25" 2.44" 33.5 cL
6'0" 20.5" 2.5" 35.2 cL
6'0" 20.5" 2.56" 36.1 cL
6'1" 20.75" 2.56" 37.20 cL
6'2" 21" 2.59" 38.70 cL

Summer Fling


     The Summer Fling is a Keel Twin Fin that works best in waves knee to head high. It has a retro fish outline with modern bottom and foil. It has a single concave bottom, into a double concave "v" out the tail, that provides lift, and the end result is a sleek, maneuverable, board that is, in every sense, a fun alternative for small and mushy waves. The foil is a somewhat pinched rail that goes into a thin tail, which ensures plenty of hold when it's needed, so it could be used in slightly bigger waves if necessary. Loves the Futures Fins K2 template especially for the smaller dims and waves, and the Rasta Keel for the bigger dims and waves.


Stock Dims

Height    Width    Thickness    Volumn   
5'4" 19.75" 2.18" 26.2 cL
5'5" 19.88" 2.21" 27.01 cL
5'6" 20" 2.25" 28.2 cL
5'6" 20" 2.32" 29.01 cL
5'8" 20.25" 2.32" 30.01 cL
5'8" 20.38" 2.38" 31.31 cL
5'10" 20.5" 2.38" 33.5 cL
5'10" 20.5" 2.5" 32.21 cL
5'10" 20.5" 2.44" 33.01 cL
5'10" 20.5" 2.5" 34.01 cL
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(customs with dimension changes different than what is listed below are possible but will incur a 30.00 additional charge)