Help! I would like more response backside on my CI Flyer. (FCS II)

Posted by Fin Guru on Apr 6th 2022

Posted by Fin Guru on Apr 6th 2022

Help! I would like more response backside on my CI Flyer. (FCS II)


Robert Ask:

Board Brand: Channel Islands
Board Model: OG Flyer
Board Length: 5'7"
Board Width: 18  1/2"
Board Thickness: 2  1/4"
Board Volume:25.5
Fin System: FCS II
Fin(s) currently riding: FCS II MB PC Carbon 2020 Tri-Quad Set LARGE
Please describe below what it is you are wanting more of out of your current fin/board experience (example - more drive, tighter turns, more release....etc) or any other questions you might have about fins or fin systems. Thank You.

Hi There, I am planning a trip down from LA soon. I have an OG Flyer that I settled on the MB's in large after trying out a ton with you guys over a year ago. Since CI has suspended its board demos I thought I might try a new tri-fin set up since I will hold off on a new board till then. I would like more response backside, and release off the top. Drive is also very important. I am 58 but trying to surf like I am still 25 and hoping to land an air reverse soon. Any insights would be much appreciated.


Hi there Robert, Lets get that air reverse goin!!! The Mayhem could be a touch large for your weight (160 lbs). The Mayhem medium are definitely too small though. I would recommend Pyzel medium. It is smaller than the Mayhem but has a good base for drive that is a little less than the Mayhem. But, it has the narrow tip and that will give it more release. So in my opinion for your weight and size you might be over finned by a touch and i would recommend the Pyzel mediums for your drive, pivot, and release. 

Hope that helps

And is good to explore new things. Stay Calm and Stay Balanced.

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