The Quad Fin found its way on to the surfboards sometime in the late 70’s early 80’s.

Popularized mainly by Glen Winton in Australia. The Quad is made up of the 2 front fins, with 2 back fins closely behind the fronts, using 4 fins total for the configuration. Much like the Twin Fin, the Quad allows the water to move freely between the fins down the center of the board without the drag of a center fin. This usually makes it easier to generate speed. They also tend to hold in the wall of the wave making them good for barrel riding. This is due to having the 2 fins on the rail creating hold all the while having lots of speed from the free flow of water moving down the middle of the board. But there also can be an additional benefit to the Quad when the waves are small. That comes from not having a center fin which enables the board to gain speed faster and easier.

Quads in general come one of 2 ways. Either the quad rears are closer to the fronts and closer to the rails or are further back and in from the rails. The first way is more like a twin and can be looser and a good way to go on lower rocker boards. The 2nd way is usually better for boards that have more rocker and they will feel a little more “thruster” like. I am always getting 5 boxes in my boards because I have been pleasantly surprised by the board as a quad more often than not. Either way Quads are here to stay!