USEDSURF is a USED SURFBOARD SHOP located in San Clemente, California, just up the street from Rainbow Sandals on Calle de Los Molinos. We  have one of the LARGEST selections of  USED SURFBOARDS with over 350  Used Surfboards and Team Trade-ins, in stock, at the shop.
You can come to our used surfboard shop or add a board to the “shopping cart” and we can ship it to you. As well as used surfboards, you can come in and check out and  order a custom EDIT SURFBOARD.

Our consignment rate is 25%  check out details here!!! We put your board on our website exposing it to millions of potential buyers! We are buying boards right now mainly looking for big fish boards , hybrids, and funboards. No broken or buckled boards and its best if all dings are repaired.  Thanks!

 Come in and have a look at our selection today!


6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi, I just got my first board from Costco. I am starting to get real dope at surfing. Do you guys sponsor young kids? I think I could make you guys a lot of $$$$$.

    Holla at yo boy

    1. Kenny,
      We would love to see some rad video footage of you busting serious “Crab Stance” air on that board!
      We look forward to meeting you and featuring you on our big screens here at the shop!

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